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Kundalini Yoga Meditation with Karampreet Kaur
"Kundalini Yoga and its associated meditations have enhanced, and literally saved, my life," says Karampreet. "They have allowed me to release negative thought patterns and drop many addictive behaviors."

These techniques strengthen the nervous system, generate energy and expand consciousness. It is Karampreet's passion to share these teachings and the healing and serenity they can produce.

Join Karampreet for some gentle body movements and breath work which will prepare your body and mind for meditation. Pranayama and simple chanting meditations can clear subconscious blocks and bring deep healing to the mind and body.

Kim Hehr

Kim Hehr
Kim Hehr RN, also known as Karampreet Kaur, is a life-long Chautauquan and a certified level 2 teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She has been a yoga and meditation practitioner for 20 years and has been teaching Kundalini Yoga and meditation for 12 years. She is also a hospice nurse, helping people through their transition at the end of life. Karampreet specializes in healing addictive patterns through yogic technology. She is passionate about teaching meditation and pranayama (breath work) to help with anxiety and everyday stress.