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Soto Zen Tradition and Taoism

Soto Zen

There are many spiritual practices that contribute to being awake.

Not focused on the past, or oriented on the future, but focused on what is here and now. The Zen practice of Shikantaza ( just sitting ), can lead us to this type of awareness. This form of Zazen (meditation) is a formal process where you adjust your sitting position and settle into an immobile sitting position.

Think not thinking. Do not attach to any thought, simply let them go.
Sometimes you’ll have many thoughts sometimes few. Judgements occur and they’re just another thought so let them go. And so on with body sensations , emotions, distraction from sounds or other thoughts.

The process is simple.

The philosophy, can be complex.

Soto Zen was founded by Eihel Dogen in the 13th century. You may enjoy his writings or the writing of other Zen masters. However, the focus of our time together at Chautauqua will be practical in that we will practice just sitting.

Awake or Asleep (Dogen)
Awake or asleep
in a grass hut,
I pray to bring others across before myself

Zazen (Dogen)
This ordinary everyday sitting is itself boundless joy

Bob Moore
I’m a lay monk of the Soto Zen tradition. I also have a deep background in Taoism. I am a Zen practitioner with deep training in Buddhist meditation, and the movement meditations of Taoism. I’ve been an active meditator for nearly 50 years. A Ph.D. Psychologist, I’ve used meditation and visualization in treating patients and working with consulting clients, as well as teaching the process to graduate students. I plan on teaching sessions with sitting and standing meditation, as well as giving brief talks to help beginners focus.