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Theravāda Buddhism & Relational and Mindfulness

Theravāda Buddhism is the oldest of the three major living Buddhist traditions. Originating in South Asia, it later became the predominant religion of Southeast Asia. As it has also taken root in the West, Theravāda is no longer an Asian religion but a transnational religion practiced by global spiritualists and health practitioners. The roots of Theravāda are preserved in the Pali canon.

The fundamental teachings of Theravāda include spirituality, psychology, philosophy, ethics and monasticism.

Mindfulness is the practice of intentional awareness that wakes us up from functioning on automatic pilot. It is an open and allowing attitude that includes all experience. When practicing mindfulness, one remains aware of what is happening here and now inside the mind and body. The art of mindfulness involves curiosity, kindness and even a sense of humor. With mindfulness we experience freedom in the body, heart, and mind. The wisdom of practice is simple: Remember that the Presence is always here.

Bhante Chipamong

Bhante Chipamong
Bringing his experience in the Theravāda world where he was born and raised, Bhante Chipamong will be offering dhamma reflections on various aspects of relational meditation such as happiness, empathy, hopes, loves, forgiveness, healings, emotional intimacy, anger, compassionate actions and active loving. He will lead us in mindfulness meditation.

Originally from Chittagong Hill Tracts (Bangladesh), Chipamong Chowdhury (Marma Bhante) is a contemplative teacher, researcher, and writer on Buddhist spirituality. Since became a Theravada Buddhist monk in 1998, he was studied traditional Buddhist monastic education and meditation in Burma and Sri Lanka. Defining himself as a digital/global citizen, he travels extensively in Asia, North America and Europe teaching Buddhist humanities, insight/mindfulness meditation, Asian philosophies, active love and compassion, and social meditation.